1-1- Virgin Olive Oils:

These oils are obtained  from the fruit of olive tree by implementing mechanic or physical operations in  a temperature that will not change its natural features. Their color can be  varied from crisp green to yellow. Having a unique taste and scent, they can be  consumed in its natural state.


Virgin olive oil is marketed under 3 groups in their own.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Having no defect in its smell and taste, Extra Virgin Olive Oils have  1 % free acid content (as oleic acid)  at most. Extra virgin olive oil is suitable  for all types of food, however it is ideal for salads.

2- 2- Refined Olive Oil:

Refined Olive Oil is  obtained as a result of refining with methods which do not cause changes in the  structure of the raw oil of olive, it’s color can be in different tones of  yellow, and it has a unique taste and scent. Its free  acid content (as oleic acid) is 0,3 % at most..

This oil is marketed as ''frying oil '' on the market.

3- Riviera Olive Oil:

It is a mixture of refined olive oil and virgin olive  oils which can be consumed in its natural state. Its color can be varied from  green to yellow and it has a unique taste and scent. Its free acid content (as  oleic acid) is 1,5 % at most.

  People, who are not accustomed to live and strong odor of olive oil, may prefer  and this type of olive oil.