• When it is drunk before meals it prevents diseases such as stomach ulcers and gastritis by covering the stomach wall.
  • It contributes to controlling blood glucose.
  • Facilitating digestion, olive oil prevents constipation when its drunk with 1-2 spoon of lemon juice or coffee.
  • Thanks to linoleic acid it contains, it can be as nutritious as breast milk when added in skim milk.
  • It contributes to the development of the brain and bones.
  • Olive oil also softens and rejuvenates the skin. It makes the skin  nice and smooth, it supports internal organs and it prevents chilling by covering under our skin like a blanket.
  • It whitens teeth and strengthens gums when mouthwash is made with.
  • It’s an intensive source of energy
  • It is a source of essential fatty acids. Human body produces hormons using EFA ((Essensial Fatty Acid)
  • It is a carrier of Fat-soluble vitamins.

Thanks to A,D,E and K vitamins it contains, it shows the antioxidant effect in the body and accelerates cell renewal. Namely, olive oil minimize the oxidative effects arise while our body converting food in to energy. It retards the effects of aging both on tissues and organs and brain functions.

  • It controls blood lipid levels (cholesterol). Due to its high proportion of unsaturated fatty, it reduces malignant cholesterol (LDL), but it does not affect benign cholesterol (HDL) levels. Thereby it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and inhibits the formation of.coronary heart disease.
  • It gives flavor to food, and improves cookery arts.
  • The ratio of linoleic and linolenic acids in Olive oil is similar to rate in breast milk. No disorder on liver and nerve system has been detected at babies fed with this oil.The oleic acid content of olive oil, which plays an important role in the mineralization and formation of bones, is greater than other vegetable oils.
  • It has been found through researches that gallstone formation, heart and vascular disorders, rheumatic diseases due to old age and cancer diseases are less common in countries plenty of olive oil is consumed.